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  Axis Power Craps Dice Control Seminar DVD!

Heavy's Axis Power Craps Dice Control Seminar is now available on DVD!

This is the breakthrough video that sent the competition back to the drawing board. The first professionally produced DVD demonstrating the mechanics of a controlled dice shot.

The DVD includes the portion of the seminar that deals specifically with the mechanics of the grip and toss, along with roughly twenty minutes of tossing and coaching live at the craps table. You'll see Heavy and his students setting and throwing the dice with the camera running real time to show the results.

You'll receive almost three hours of player education featuring the best dice sets, grips, tosses, and more. In addition, we cover betting strategies, money management, discipline, focus, the mental edge, and playing the comp game to win. You'll also receive the e-versions of the seminar workbook, manuals from our other seminars, handouts and strategy cards as an added bonus. Order now and we'll also include a copy of Heavy's "Crapshooter's Buffet" audio CD - recorded live at the Las Vegas Craps Festival in 2001.

Order the Axis Power Craps Seminar on DVD via PayPal below for just $189.00 plus shipping and handling. US customers add $6 shipping and handling. Canadian customers add $11 shipping and handling.

The Axis Power Craps Clinic on DVD - it's the next best thing to being there!

  Articles The Luck Factor - by Steve ''Heavy'' Haltom

You hear it all the time. "Bob was just born lucky". . . or "Jane is wealthy because her business was lucky enough to have the right product at the right time." Is it luck? Are some people just 'more fortunate' than others? Or is it possible to make your own luck?

Psychologists at Stanford University say "good luck" and success in life usually stems from certain attitudes. They identified five "luck factors" - every one of which can be applied to precision craps shooting and winning. Let's look at them:

  • An open mind. Focus on the possibilities, not the impossibilities. Exercise your natural curiosity and learn. In every Axis Power Craps seminar we do around the country there is at least one person who is attending the class purely out of curiosity. These individuals are not precision shooters. Many of them have never even attempted a controlled toss. Yet they are open to the possibility that the outcome of the dice roll can be influenced. They are willing to take a small risk in order to possible reward.

  • Persistence. Everyone has ups and downs but if you persistently follow your goal and handle disappointment without losing control of your emotions you will do well. For would-be precision shooters, that means practice. Practice quick-setting the dice so you can do so without drawing attention from the pit crew. Practice gripping the dice quickly and gently lofting them down the table. Practice betting strategies to capitalize on your signature trends.

  • Flexibility. Although you have a specific goal in mind when you enter the casino be open to variations and new ideas. Recently we added a new dimension to our precision dice shooting seminars. We began teaching players how to shoot from the Don'ts. In the past precision shooters have always been concerned with reducing the number of sevens they toss and having long hands. This new strategy turns that concept on end. Why not have the power of the seven working for you instead of against you? Why not play on empty tables and shoot from the Don'ts? You will still get the dice back quickly. And since you are shooting from the Don'ts you get virtually no casino heat.

  • Positive Thinking. Maintaining a positive energy level around the table is critical to winning. Yet every time you go into the casino you'll hear someone say, "I'm just going to play until I lose these last few chips - then I'll be ready to leave." That sort of negative energy is contagious and should be avoided whenever possible. Likewise, if you have had painful experiences in the past, focus on what you gained from them - not what you lost. Like the great Yogi Berra said, "Ninety percent of the game is half mental." It you are going to be a winner you need to think - and ACT like a winner. Which gets us to our last luck factor.

  • Risk taking. There is risk in everything you do in life. Eating in an unfamiliar restaurant. Driving to the corner store. Walking across the street. Did you know that the number one cause of tourist deaths in Las Vegas was jay walking? Of course, it's silly to risk your life by crossing against the light. Yet taking risks makes us more resilient. And to be a consistent winner you have to take risks. Learning when and how to take a risk is one of the major factors in living a charmed life.

    Personally, I'd like to add one more luck factor to the Stanford list. Consistency. If you consistently do the right things - luck will follow.
      Posted by heavy on Sunday, January 12 @ 00:29:26 EST (1208 reads)
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      Articles X-Men and the Square Pair - by Steve

    Those of you familiar with Superheroes and villains are no doubt familiar with Magneto of the X-Men comic series. Magneto, born Erik Magnus Lensherr, is a member of the Brotherhood of Evil and is a mutant who can create and control electromagnetic fields. He has this nifty helmet he wears that amplifies the power of his thoughts. All in all he cuts a fairly dashing figure.

    On any given day youíll find Magneto psychically tossing large objects around. Is that Army tank threatening him? No problem. It just bounced off the side of a mountain two counties away. Need to escape across the river but thereís no bridge? No problem. He can mentally re-shape metal, turning that barge into a suspension bridge in a matter of seconds. Want to fly across country with your friends and take on the X-Men? How about a magnetic-powered aircraft fashioned out of old manhole covers? Well, you get the idea. Itís all pretty absurd. Or is it?

    Click on "Read More" for the rest of this article.
      Posted by heavy on Friday, January 03 @ 17:35:10 EST (1305 reads)
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      Articles Article of the Month: Weekend Wonders

    Dice. Craps. Betting Strategies. Big wins. Heartbreaking losses. The glory of days gone by - and days to come. Some of us live this stuff 24/7. But do you really have to live and breathe craps to be successful at it?

    I sat down to write this article, initially thinking that I'd talk about the difference in weekend players and weekday players. And yes, I think there is a difference. Savvy players avoid the casinos on weekends when drunks and randies populate the tables. Smart players hit the casino during off hours through the week when the tables are uncrowded and there are more shooting opportunities. That's the route I started out on. But the more I thought about it - the more I realized just how important weekends can be to DI's.

    Most of us are not fortunate enough to live a life of leisure year round. We plod along at our 9 to 5 Monday through Friday jobs - manufacturing, selling, servicing, consulting, harvesting - whatever that job entails. And when weekends roll around we're ready for down-time. For many of us that means a trip to the casino for a little recreational action. And that's fine - as long as you realize that these weekend trips are just that - recreational. Serious players work the casinos like you and I work a job - Monday through Friday - with regular work hours. That work may include live play from 5AM - 10AM, a couple of hours to read the forums or catch up on reading the latest gaming books, and a couple of hours practice time on your table or rig. If you're a serious gambler you might expand into the stock market, a little real estate speculation, or a small start up. All of those are risk-intense "jobs" as well. But weekends are for something else.

    If you have kids then weekends should be spent at soccer games, karate tournaments, the zoo, the lake, birthday parties, pizza parlors, or just camping out in the back yard. You don't go into the office. You don't check our office e-mail. You might catch up on a little reading at bedtime and you definitely romance your spouse or partner. Weekends are when you rejuvenate yourself, and should include combination of family activities with their kids and spouse, errands, and creative activities to exercise the right side of their brain.

    Okay, I admit that I don't do everything on this list. I'm hopeless when it comes to things like exercise and eating right. But here's my list of things to do on the weekend OTHER than stand at the craps table and lose your money.

    Make time for friends and family - The family you ignore now is the same one who will look after you when you're too old and infirm to take care of yourself.

    * Do something you are passionate about that gives back to the community - I can't begin to tell you how much my wife and I gained from foster parenting through the years - including a daughter.

    * Get away from work with a mini-vacation - our "ghost adventure" in Jefferson, Texas' haunted hotels a couple of weeks back was one of the best get-aways we've had in years - and it was less than 90 minutes from my front door.

    * Avoid chores - free time is too valuable to waste on it. Need the grass mowed? Hire the kid from down the street.

    *Socialize with friends or make new ones * Humans are social animals by nature.

    * Find a hobby you love - This is your chance to spend a couple of hours working on a toss tweak or new set or grip on the practice rigs, folks. But keep it in perspective - and keep it out of the casino. Instead, do something artistic. Paint, sculpt, visit a museum, go to the theater - or better still, audition for a little theater part.

    * Meditate - and I'll throw prayer into this category as well. Whether you find your God within or without, it's important to spend time seeking spiritual input and inner peace. It is also one of the best ways to recharge your batteries for the week to come.

    * Exercise and Eat Right - yeah, I put it last on my list and it should probably be first. Do all of the above and odds are you'll get your exercise - especially if you're chasing kids at the zoo or swimming at the lake. As for food - hey, just cut back on unhealthy fats and sugar. And remember, BBQ should be a fundamental part of everyone's weekend meals.

    Casino craps is a great game that offers us significant opportunities to add to our bottom line. But if you're not a full time player then you should keep it all in perspective. Take time to refresh, recharge, and enjoy the things you've worked for in life. At the end of your days you'll have something to look back on besides endless hours staring at green felt and red cubes. You'll have a life.
      Posted by heavy on Wednesday, November 13 @ 15:35:19 EST (1461 reads)
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      Craps versus Blackjack by Steve Heavy Haltom

    Ignoring the obvious, one is a card game and one is a dice game, there are a lot of differences in craps and blackjack - just as there are a lot of similarities. But thereís one major difference. A skilled dice influencer with a long-run SRR of 1:7 has an advantage on the individual bets that is pretty much constant if he does everything correctly. Oh, he will win some and lose some due to the variability inherent to the game. But over the long run it will all work out to his advantage.

    A skilled card counter may have an advantage over the house when the composition of the deck is correct, but that advantage varies with the composition of the deck, how many decks are being dealt and how deep the dealer is dealing into the shoe, and the rules of the specific table he is playing. Therefore a card counter must effectively range his bets so that he maximizes his action when the deck is in his favor. The advantage craps player, on the other hand, only has to resize his bets as his bankroll increases or decreases. His edge is constant.

    Letís say our skilled dice controller tosses a six. On the next toss he throws another six. Then he tosses another, and another. Guess what? The dice still have the same number of sixes on them. The shooter hasnít exhausted the supply. He may go on to toss fifteen or twenty sixes in a single hand and the dice will still be the same. But what about a single deck blackjack game where all four aces have been dealt? Think youíre going to be dealt a blackjack on the last hand before shuffle-up? Not a chance.

    Craps has one bet - the Free Odds bet - that actually offers a correct payoff. The house has no advantage over the players on the Free Odds bet. And if the shooter is a skilled dice influencer the Free Odds bet offers him a significant positive EV. After all, thereís no house edge to overcome.

    Blackjack has no bet that offers a correct payoff. Yes, you can double after a split, but you cannot add additional money to an existing wager once the first cards are dealt. In craps you can put more money on the table all the way up to table max. Craps even has a bet - the Donít Pass and Donít Come - that allows you to bet that you will lose. The closest thing to that blackjack has is the insurance bet.

    Speaking of the Donít Pass and Donít Come - have you noticed how closely blackjack players resemble wrong way craps players? You donít see them bumping knuckles with their neighbor or exchanging high fives. When was the last time you a blackjack player - or a dark side craps player - cheering at the table? Yeah, they are a quiet lot.

    So why bring up the subject of blackjack in a craps article? Simply because blackjack is one of just a handful of casino games that CAN be played with a positive expectation. Even if you cannot count cards, blackjack offers an extremely low vig to those who can manage to play correct strategy. And sometimes having a second game is a good way to reduce some of the heat youíre getting at the craps table.

    As dice influencers we have a huge advantage blackjack players will never have. With skill and practice we can develop a constant edge at our game. No, you wonít win on every toss. Craps is still a volatile game. But you can stack the deck in your favor.
      Posted by heavy on Sunday, February 27 @ 16:48:44 EST (1908 reads)
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      Articles Casino Math and What Comes Next by Steve ''Heavy'' Haltom

    Craps wouldnít be a game of chance if you knew the outcome of the roll in advance. Why? By definition, the outcome of any game of chance must be uncertain. The branch of mathematics that deals with this uncertainty is called Probability.

    The science of Probability was born in the seventeenth century when the Chevalier de Mere, a French nobleman who enjoyed a good gamble as much as the rest of us, began posing questions about the probable outcome of certain dice wagers to prominent mathematicians. The Chevalier had made a considerable amount of money on even money bets Ė wagering that the number six would be rolled at least once in four rolls of a single die. He did so well with this wager that he sought to expand upon it by wagering that if two dice were rolled the double-six would show up at least once every twenty-four rolls. Needless to say, his math failed him and he lost his money just as quickly as he won it with the single die wager.

    Baffled by his misfortune, the Chevalier took his problem to the mathematician Blaise Pascal. Pascal, in turn, consulted with another mathematician, Pierre de Fermat, and the two of them solved the double-six problem and laid the foundations of the Probability branch of mathematics.

    By the way, the rule of mathematics used to solve this problem was the Multiplication Rule of Independent Events. It states simply that ďFor independent events, the probability of all of them occurring equals the product of their individual probabilities.

    Say what?

    Okay, letís go back to the two-die problem. Each die has six sides. The number six appears one time on each die. So the odds of a six showing up on any one roll are 1-6. But when you add the second die in things get more complicated. Since each die operates independently of the other you must calculate the probability of all possible outcomes. You do that by multiplying the independent probabilities (1-6 and 1-6) together. In this case, the result is the correct odds of the double-six rolling: 1Ė36. The Chevalierís mathematical mistake Ė multiplying six (the number of sides on a single die) times four (the number of rolls he planned to make) resulted in his one roll in twenty-four mistake Ė and cost him a fortune.

    Now, letís take the Multiplication Rule of Independent Events and apply it to some of the things we talk about on the board from time to time. Some of you have been at the table with me when Iíve tossed five, six, seven, and on one occasion - eight consecutive Horn numbers. What are the odds against that happening? Iíll walk you through the math.

    There are six ways to win on the horn bet Ė one way each on the two and twelve, and two ways each on the ace-deuce and yo. There are thirty-six possible combinations of the dice. So the odds of a horn number rolling on any given toss are 6-36, which reduces down to a nifty 1-6. From there itís just simple mathematics to calculate the odds of consecutive hits on the horn occurring.

    The odds of two consecutive horn numbers showing: 1-36 (6X6)

    The odds of three consecutive horn numbers showing: 1-216 (36X6)

    The odds of four consecutive horn numbers showing: 1-1296 (216X6)

    The odds of five consecutive horn numbers showing: 1-7776 (1296X6)

    The odds of six consecutive horn numbers showing: 1-46,656 (7776X6)

    The odds of seven consecutive horn numbers showing: 1-279,936 (46,656X6)

    The odds of eight consecutive horn numbers showing: 1-1,679,616 (279,936X6)

    Thatís correct. Eight horn number in a row will happen just once in every 1.68 MILLION tosses of the dice. With figures that staggering, it is no wonder the math crowd says this dice setting thing doesnít work. And itís no wonder that the rest of us say weíve got all the proof we need that it does.

    Take, for example, a group session a dozen of us were playing down at the Golden Nugget many years ago. A gal we called "Dice Chick" set the dice in a configuration that favors Horn bettors and managed to toss thirteen consecutive Horn numbers on the come out. Trust me. When Dice Chick got out around toss number nine none of the players in attendance were worried about the odds of her tossing number ten. We were all too busy counting our money.

    Understanding the odds of the games you play will help you make smarter decisions at the table. The Horn is generally a bad bet - unless you can toss a 2, 3, 11 or 12 at a higher than random rate. That, in turn, can lead to the best math of all. The math exercise that occurs when you say, ďColor coming in.Ē
      Posted by heavy on Sunday, February 27 @ 16:43:51 EST (1993 reads)
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      Articles The Twelvefold Tao of Craps - by Steve Haltom

    I have always been interested in culture, society, and philosophy. Since both of my children are active in the martial arts, I am particularly interested in Eastern philosophy. A few years ago I took some of that philosophy, applied it to the game of craps, and published the article on several websites. The article - The Twelvefold Tao of Craps - is one of the most popular pieces I have ever written. It is reprinted here:

    Tao 1: In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities. In the expert's mind there are few.

    Interpretation: Nobody has all the answers. Including your favorite computer simulation. Try to keep an open mind toward the opinions of others.

    Tao 2: There are many roads to the Celestial Highway.

    Interpretation. Yours ain't the only way to win.

    Tao 3: One cannot ladle out the sea with a shell.

    Interpretation: Always size your bets to your bankroll. If you don't have sufficient bankroll - do not play.

    Tao 4: The white crane does not stand in the water. There are no fish in the pond.

    Interpretation: Learn to read the table before you walk up and place your bet. If no one is playing at the table it should tell you something.

    Tao 5: The bee gathers nectar from the flower without marring its beauty or perfume.

    Interpretation: Behave yourself at the table. Nobody wants to play with insects or assholes.

    Tao 6: It is better to do nothing than to do what is wrong.

    Interpretation: Just because you're standing at the table does not mean you have to bet on every shooter. Just because you have bets on the table does not mean they have to work for eternity. Tao 7: Your neighbor's blossoms are always pinker.

    Interpretation: Don't change your game plan just because the guy playing the field and all of the call bets is winning more than you.

    Tao 8: The fool is his own enemy. Seeking wealth, he destroys himself.

    Interpretation: Don't play with scared money. Don't chase your losses. It never works.

    Tao 9: Plant a green tree. Perhaps a singing bird will come.

    Interpretation: Tip the dealers. They're underpaid, they work hard for it, and they deserve it. It always comes back to you.

    Tao 10: A wise man does not sit and meditate while the house burns.

    Interpretation: Set reasonable loss limits. If you hit them, make like the Clanton gang and get the hell out of Dodge.

    Tao 11: It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Conquer yourself and you are your own master.

    Interpretation: It ain't you against the casino, folks. It's you against you.

    Tao 12: A quote from the great Zen master, Maharishi Casey Stengel. "Good pitching will always stop good hitting, and vice versa."

    Interpretation: All good streaks must come to an end.

      Posted by heavy on Friday, October 08 @ 16:34:33 EDT (2188 reads)
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      Articles Seven Dominant Craps PLay by Steve ''Heavy'' Haltom

    Quick, without thinking - what is the best bet on the layout on the come out roll? The Pass Line bet, right? There are eight ways to win on the seven or eleven versus four ways to lose on the craps numbers. If any other number shows it is essentially a push for that roll and the number becomes the shooterís point.

    Now letís go one roll out and take a second look. Your Pass Line bet is established and it is time for the shooter to try to make his point. What is the worst bet on the layout now? Easy. Again the answer is the Pass Line bet. Why? Because now you are stuck with a contract bet that is going to lose two out of three times.

    Without a doubt, the seven is the most powerful number in the game of craps. The seven giveth and the seven taketh away. But does it really have to be that way? Is there any way to make the seven work for you all the time? For the savvy precision shooter there just may be. Letís look at three ways the shooter can take advantage of the seven by playing Right Way, Wrong Way, or a hybrid strategy that incorporates elements of both.

    Precision dice shooters Ė or Advantage Shooters as I prefer to call them Ė donít actually control the dice. Instead, they influence them. By carefully pre-setting the dice to specific arrangements and making a controlled toss these shooters can often alter the short-run probabilities of the game. The average shooter will toss a seven one time in six. Thatís because out of thirty-six possible combinations of the dice there are six that add up to seven: 1-6, 6-1, 2-5, 5-2, 3-4, and 4-3. But an Advantage Shooter who can keep the dice on axis may, when utilizing specific sevens-dominant pre-set arrangements, expect to average as many as eight sevens in thirty-six rolls. Expert Advantage Shooters who can keep both dice on axis and spinning at the same speed may perform even better.

    There are 1,152 possible permutations of dice setting but there all of them are variations of six axial pre-sets. Of those six, three are sevens-dominant axles. They are the 5-2 / 5-2, the 3-4 / 3-4, and the 6-1 / 6-1. Here are the three primary axial pre-sets arranged so that the seven is showing all sides:

    All Sevens All Sevens All Sevens 5-2 / 5-2 on Axis 3-4 / 3-4 on Axis 6-1 / 6-1 on Axis

    These sets all have one thing in common. When rolled on axis each set contains four combinations of numbers that add up to seven. The seven appears twenty-five percent of the time on these combinations of the dice as opposed to about seventeen percent of the time on the random shooter. For the Right Way player that can mean more come-out naturals, and thatís a beautiful thing. But what about the Donít player? When used properly dice setting and advantage shooting can work for them as well.

    Letís take a look at the three sevens-dominant dice pre-sets and see what opportunities they reveal.

    All Sevens Ė 5-2 / 5-2 Axis Point Distribution: With this pre-set the five pips and the two pips are showing on the axial or lateral faces of the dice. In laymanís language itís ďfive-two sevens on the side.Ē

    Point . . . 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Appears: 1 0 2 2 1 4 1 2 2 0 1

    There are four ways to roll the seven on this axis, but only one way each to roll the six and eight. For the Right Way player this is not a very attractive set. Yes, there are four ďnaturalsĒ on axis, but there are two craps numbers as well. Over thirty-six rolls using this come out the shooter could only expect two naturals. Of the numbers that will roll on axis, there is only one way to toss the six or eight Ė points the Right Way players favor.

    For the Donít player, though, minimizing the chances of rolling the six or eight is very important. In fact, this distribution of numbers suggests a powerful way the Donít player can hedge his Donít Pass wager while using this pre-set. Do you see it?

    A simple hedge strategy might be to lay $25 no six or no eight in combination with a $15 Donít Pass wager. Since the eleven is not a factor on this axis there is no need to hedge against it. Conversely, we should not see the ace-deuce craps roll either. What are the other possible outcomes? If the shooter tosses the seven on the come out roll he will win $20 on the hedge bet less the $15 losing Donít Pass bet, a net win of $5. If the two rolls he wins $15 on the Donít Pass, and there is no effect on the Lay bet. The twelve is a push. Any point number rolled becomes the playerís primary Donít wager and the Lay bet is removed. Provided that the shooter can keep the dice on axis, the only significant exposure is a one in thirty-six possibility that the hard six or eight will roll, and that can be handled with a $1 hop bet on the come out.

    Is there another time when this pre-set would work for the precision shooter playing the Doníts? Absolutely. Anytime a precision shooter finds himself with a Donít bet established on the six or eight he should switch to this pre-set and attempt to seven out.

    Now letís consider the All Sevens pre-set with the 3-4 / 3-4 on Axis.

    All Sevens Ė 3-4 / 3-4 Axis Point Distribution. In laymanís terms the 3-4 seven is ďon the sides.Ē

    Point . . . 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Appears: 1 2 1 0 2 4 2 0 1 2 1

    Again, there are four ways to roll the seven on this axis. But with the dice set on the 3-4 / 3-4 axis you pick up an additional way to make the six and eight. The ace-deuce and the eleven become more of a factor than in the previous pre-set as well. But the most noticeable change is in the appearance of the five and nine. There are no fives or nines on this axis, and that makes this pre-set a dream for players who like to Lay against the numbers. The play would be much the same as the one discussed earlier, only this time the player would lay $31 no five or no nine to hedge his Donít Pass wager. The advantage player shooting from the Doníts should consider switching to this pre-set any time the established point is the five or nine and attempt to seven out.

    Last of all is the All Sevens Pre-Set with the 6-1 / 6-1 on Axis.

    All Sevens Ė 6-1 / 6-1 Axis Point Distribution. In laymanís terms, the 6-1 seven is ďon the sides.Ē

    Point . . . 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Appears: 0 0 1 2 3 4 3 2 1 0 0

    As you can see, this pre-set arrangement also has four combinations that add up to seven. But unlike the previous two All-Sevens sets, there are no craps numbers on this axis. That, coupled with the fact that there are a total of six combinations of the dice that total six or eight on this axis make it a favorite of Right Way advantage shooters.

    Is there a way the Donít player can capitalize on the strengths of this pre-set? About the only way would be to Lay $41 no four or no ten and attempt to toss the seven on the come-out. However, since the likelihood is that the point established with this pre-set arrangement will be the six or eight the shooter might want to consider a hybrid play that combines Donít and Do action for a shot at a double win. By Laying $41 no four and Playing $20 on the Pass Line, then tossing the seven on the Come Out roll the player can lock up a net $39 win.

    The seven is the most powerful number in the game of craps. Understanding how and when to use it to your advantage Ė whether playing the Right Way or the Wrong.
      Posted by heavy on Friday, October 08 @ 16:04:51 EDT (2389 reads)
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      Articles When Craps Turns to Crap by Steve ''Heavy'' Haltom

    Letís face it. It happens to all of us. For one reason or another, skills weíve developed at home donít make the transition to the casino. Blame it on variance, bad luck, or something you ate for dinner - sometimes the correct craps play is no craps play. So what do you do if youíre in the casino and itís one of ďthoseĒ days? Here are my personal picks for the games you should play.

    1. Sports Book. Benny Binion was once quoted as saying ďNever bet on anything that eats or shits.Ē Try betting sports and youíll understand why. Sports betting is an extremely tough way to grind out a small profit. Nevertheless, nationwide there are plenty of players making big bucks moving money through books. The downside? You have to do your homework. Unless, of course, you want to shell out money for a handicapping service. Of course, from an advantage players point of view that just adds to the vig. My suggestion? Invest the time to learn how to do your own handicapping. Limit play to the games where you believe you have an edge. And remember, just because youíre a Chicago fan doesnít mean ďDa BearsĒ are going to win Monday night. Bet with your head - not your heart.

    2. Poker. Poker is a close second to sports betting in my book. But poker players are completely different kinds of gamblers. Yeah, they have their superstitions just like craps players. I know of one Vegas poker pro who refuses to play with anything but green chips. But at the end of the day poker is a game of skill. Players compete against each other - not against the house. The only ďvigĒ is a small ďrakeĒ the house takes on each pot. Learn to play properly and itís fairly easy to play with an edge. Invest in some decent poker training software and start out playing on-line for free. Put in your time and by the time you hit the poker rooms youíll good to go. But remember - if you donít know who the sucker is at the table - itís you.

    3. Blackjack. Learn to play perfect strategy and count cards and you can play with an edge. You can probably learn a simple strategy like the KO count system with a couple of days practice. Or you can learn the EZ Opt system in a matter of hours. Itís not as powerful as the KO system, but it will still let you play with a small advantage. Pick the best games, learn to count under the radar, mask your skills, and take advantage of the volatility of the game. Itís not that difficult to walk away with a win. Some advantage players will argue with me on the next part of the equation. The key is to walk away with that win - not to continue playing and give it back. Employ a loss limit and win objective and focus on ending every session on a win.

    4. Video poker. Video poker is another game of skill you can play profitably. Pick the correct game and play correctly and youíll be battling a very small house edge. There are still a few games out there that offer over 100 percent payback to players utilizing perfect mathematical strategy - particularly if you take advantage of the comps you can earn. Learn to play perfect strategy and pick the correct machine by utilizing computerized training programís such as Bob Dancerís Video Poker for Winners.

    click on "read more" below for the rest of the story.
      Posted by heavy on Saturday, September 12 @ 14:01:31 EDT (2624 reads)
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      Articles Struggling with the Math by Steve ''Heavy'' Haltom

    From time to time I talk about the struggles craps players face when dealing with casino math. Essentially we players come from three different schools. First off there are advantage players who base 100% of their play on mathematical decisions. It doesn't matter to these guys if the four has just rolled six times in a row - they are going to stick with the Pass Line and maximum odds, a couple of Come bets with maximum odds, and may on occasion place the six and eight.

    Next on the list are the serious recreational players who rely largely on the math of the game when making decisions, but who also stay attuned to things advantage players say don't exist in craps - things like streaks and trends. Serious recreational players tend to rely more on Place bets than Come bets with odds because "a number has to roll twice for you to get paid if you bet the Come." They overlook the hard math associated with that decision in favor of non-math based logic.

    Last of all, there's the recreational gambler who doesn't worry about the math of the game at all - she or she is just there to have fun. Often these are folks who just get to the casino once or twice a year. Sometimes they are players who are brand new to the game. They may be Field bettors or prop bettors. They may be parlayers or power-pressers. Or they may stick to the old Three Point Molly play. When they win they do so because of the math of the game. Standard deviation, always a factor in craps, kicked in and put them in the plus column. They got lucky and were in the right place at the right time.

    Iím no stranger to the struggles players go through with the math of the game Ė and odds are you arenít either. The fact is, sometimes things that "look" logical - aren't. Take, for example, the thing serious recreational gamblers look for. The ďstreakĒ or ďtrend.Ē The trend is your friend, right? Weíve all heard it before. However, since craps is a game of independent trials, what happened in the past has no bearing on what happens in the future. Still, when the table heats up one of two things happens. The gambler in us kicks in and we get some money on the layout Ė or the logic in us kicks in and we stand there and possibly watch the roll of the day pass us by.

    Through the years Iíve developed a philosophy regarding trends and the ďdice have no memoryĒ thing. That philosophy is simple. The dice have no memory, but they do have a history. And as any student of history will tell you Ė it has a way of repeating itself.

    Back in 32AD there was unrest in the Middle East. A thousand years later, during the Crusades, there was still unrest in the Middle East.

    Two hundred years ago the Barbary Coast pirates held this country's feet to the fire, kidnapping American citizens and holding them for ransom while they extorted millions of dollars from the young American government.

    Today, the war against radical Islam continues. If I were to make book on it, Iíd say a thousand years from now that region of the Middle East will still be in turmoil.

    How does this tie back to casino game play? click on "read more" below for the rest of the story.
      Posted by heavy on Sunday, August 03 @ 16:57:04 EDT (3369 reads)
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      Articles Revisiting Regressions by Steve ''Heavy'' Haltom

    As craps players become more serious about the game they inevitably find themselves drawn to Advanced Craps by John Patrick - one of the best - if not THE best - craps strategy books in existence. One of the strategies many of us are quickly drawn to is the regression move. Simply put, a regression move is a play designed to lock up an early profit on a shooter and position the player for a larger win should the hand continue. Itís a strategy I use in virtually every session I play. While it does not give you a mathematical edge over the house, it does let the disciplined gambler play from a position of power. It is an especially effective way for precision shooters to play.

    Letís look at a player with a respectable SRR of 1:7 using the V-3 pre-set. For the sake of this example, letís assume he keeps the dice on axis 100% of the time. Not only does the player know that on average, heís going to get around ten tosses in before the devil jumps up, he also knows the distribution of numbers that will likely roll. Out of sixteen possible on-axis combinations, two add up to seven, six add up to six or eight, four add up to five or nine, and four add up to three, four, ten and eleven. Our astute player knows his advantage is on the inside numbers, and he bets those numbers in proportion to his advantage, with three chips each on the six or eight for every two on the five or nine. He knows that he may go point-seven, or he may shoot the lights out with a forty-five number hand. But over the long haul, if his tracking is correct, he will average eight tosses once the point is established. To err on the conservative side, heís elected to play a strategy that includes a regression to lock up a profit after the fourth post-Come Out toss. His regression involves coming down off the five and nine and reducing the size of his bets on the six and eight. He will ďsame betĒ subsequent hits until he gets over his SRR ďhump.Ē If the roll extends beyond roll eight he will press every other hit in an up and out strategy.

    Now letís plug some numbers in and see how the hand plays out. click on "read more" below for the rest of the story.
      Posted by heavy on Sunday, August 03 @ 15:51:39 EDT (4036 reads)
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