The Original Crapsfest / Axis Power Craps Archives Post #4

The Axis Power Craps Forum has been around in one form or another for over 10 years. Many of the posts from those years have been preserved in one form or another in our archives. This forum is a work in process while we work to preserve and re-post as many of those threads as possible. If you have saved any of your archival posts through the years feel free to share them here.

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The Original Crapsfest / Axis Power Craps Archives Post #4

Post by heavy » Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:32 pm

I hate to re-post this intro at the beginning of each archival post, but I think it's necessary to help those who stumble on them out of sequence. If you've read it once then you can just scroll down the page and start on the next 20 posts.

When the original Axis Power Craps forum was taken down by the ProBoards folks back in 2010 there were over 25,000 posts archived on the board. Thanks to the diligence of several of our board members we were able to preserve around 3000 of the best posts and move them to the Crapsfest Forum in October 2010. Posting continued over there until we hit the 4000 mark, but due to software issues we ended up taking the Crapsfest board down as well. We finally managed to grab a download of the data base from the Crapsfest forum. The posts that follow in this series are directly from that data base.

That's the good news. The bad news it that this capture is in Word format and it includes every bit of html or bbl code that would have been invisible to you on the old forum. That means you'll see code for font size, color, links, and more. It makes it a tad on the cumbersome side to read. However, panning for gold is a pain in the . . back . . . as well. But the gold dust and nuggets you find after sifting through the sand can be quite rewarding. To you I will simply say - it's worth much more than the price of admission (which happens to be free). Enjoy it.

The other issue we have with the archives is the fact that the data base does not recognize members by their usernames. If you do NOT sign your posts then there will be no attribution on these archival posts. I apologize if that's a problem for any of you. Just remember that your posts are your property and we will not "sell" or otherwise use them without your permission. Feel free to post at the end of the threads if you want to claim (or disavow) any of the posts. Alas, it is what it is.

If one of you old-timers is interested in volunteering to go through these threads, remove the html/bbl code, correct spacing, etc. and add attribution where you can figure it out then please let me know. I will be happy to grand you moderator powers on this forum so you can edit threads. PM me here on the board or e-mail me at

The maximum post size on the forum is 60,000 characters, so I am going to have to break these 4000 posts down into smaller chunks. We'll see how this works out. My best guess at this point is that it is going to take around 200 individual posts to re-post the 4000 from the data base. That means this is going to be an on-going process for awhile - since I just don't have a lot of time to devote to the project.

Making comments on the individual threads will be difficult, so I am going to suggest that if something triggers an idea you'd like to discuss that you start a NEW thread on the appropriate forum on the board.

Last of all - I suggest ignoring any links or e-mail addresses listed in these posts as the odds are they are no longer functioning. This is particular true in the case of links to banners, photos, etc.

Here is archival post #4


63 5b8cddc89d After meeting my friend at his car with the wheelchair, we went on the boat. I tell you that the Fox river must have been a little higher today, either that or I’m getting weaker because I had to stop and catch my breath after pushing him up that ramp to get into the casino. There were 245 people on board when we went in and I’m pretty sure all of those people were at the two $5 tables that they had open. I left my friend in the aisle by the table while I went to the restroom. When I got back my friend had found himself an opening and was already playing. Shortly thereafter, I found a spot at straight-out left. At first my friend played $5 on the Don’t while laying odds. Then this one shooter got the dice and my friend got creamed when the shooter made the 5,9 and 10. That’s the reason I don’t like to lay odds especially when I buy in for $100. I stuck to my $6 Don’t on the randies. I didn’t bet on everybody though. If the point becomes the 6 or 8, I place the point for $5. That way I have tuned it into a $1 game. If I think he might make the point, I place it for $6, that way I’ll either make a $1 or break even. If the point becomes any other number, I’ll leave my Don’t bet to win or lose. After any loss, I’ll up my losing $6 Don’t bet to $7 and then back down to $6. It’s a grind but I have been avoiding losing my bankroll from making those bigger bets. I’m trying to grow my bankroll before I start placing the numbers, although I did place the 6 and 8 for $6 each twice on two real nice rolls. Now that my friend was down, he had to up his bets to $12, 6 and 8. He was lucky that the shooter had a nice roll. He got about half his money back. Now my friend gets the dice and he keeps his $12 6 and 8 up for 3 hits and then regresses his bets back down to $6, 6 and 8. He ended up having a nice roll also. I didn’t bet on the next shooter because I would have the dice next. I won my small Don’t bet and both of us colored up at that point. It was time for lunch. In the end, we both came out the same. He won $15 and I won $18 and I didn’t have to go through all that volatility. Hey, we didn’t break the casino this time but left a winner. [color=green:5b8cddc89d][b:5b8cddc89d]Up for the day +$18[/b:5b8cddc89d][/color:5b8cddc89d][/size:5b8cddc89d] On my way home from the grocery store tonight, I was thinking about you guys talking today about being a professional craps player. Well the definition for me is, if I could live off of my winnings and pay all of my bills without touching my Social Security Disability check, then I would say I’m a professional. That $18 dollars I won today was exactly what my grocery bill came to tonight. So I guess I could say that I was a professional craps player for one day. :D Be a professional, one-day at a time. "Yeah, I like the sound of that." $5Bill
64 a3174ee979 [color=green:a3174ee979][b:a3174ee979]Another Win Like Yesterday[/b:a3174ee979] [/color:a3174ee979][/size:a3174ee979] [color=blue:a3174ee979][b:a3174ee979]Nov 6, 2009[/b:a3174ee979][/color:a3174ee979] My exercise class ends early on Friday so I had nothing else to do and I didn’t feel tired or anything. Well the boat is so close to my house that I thought I would zip over there. I took a hundred with and bought in at the only open space at straight out left, just like I did yesterday. There isn’t really much to say except that there were a whole lot of 4’s and 10 rolled in the first ½ hour. I wanted to bet them but I also had to stick to my betting plan, the way I described it yesterday in my last post. Little wins seem to be working for me and I don’t want to blow my discipline. I played the Don’t on something like every other shooter. I got the dice twice and had a 4-roll hand and a point seven-out, picking up my $5 win on the Don’t Pass each time. After an hour of playing I just decided to go home. It was another win like yesterday. [color=green:a3174ee979][b:a3174ee979]Up +$16 for the day[/b:a3174ee979][/color:a3174ee979][/size:a3174ee979] $5Bill
65 5c06fa9fa2 [color=green:5c06fa9fa2][b:5c06fa9fa2]Saturday[/b:5c06fa9fa2][/color:5c06fa9fa2][/size:5c06fa9fa2] [color=blue:5c06fa9fa2][b:5c06fa9fa2]Nov 7, 2009[/b:5c06fa9fa2][/color:5c06fa9fa2] All four tables were filled. There were 2 - $10 and 2 - $5 tables. Of course the $5 tables were packed. The only opening I could find was at a $10 one at straight of left. I have been doing ok the last few days at that position so I bought in for $100. The guy next to me had the dice and that meant I would get to shoot next. When I got the dice it was quick and made my $12 on the Don’t. I used the same formula that I do on the $5 tables, It’s just that I double my Don’t bet and make it $12. That way if the 6 or 8 become the point, I’ll place it for $10. If it’s any other number, I will let leave it to win or lose all by itself. After I was through shooting, I was up $14. (I had made $2 on the first shooter) I looked around to see if I could find a $5 table that had a spot open. I found one at the table behind me at SR3. I was waaay out of position but I thought I could make a couple of bucks on the randies. The table was letting the shooters have long rolls. I know I should have played the on right side but with a $100 buy-in there was no way I was going to risk blowing my money on a bunch of inside numbers thrown by some randy. When my bankroll gets bigger then I’ll consider placing some numbers. I never did get the dice at this $5 table but that’s alright. I started getting tired so I walked away a winner anyway. Tomorrow I’m playing in Joliet. I have some coupons to cash in. I don’t know if I’ll play, I’ll see what the playing conditions are when I get there. [color=green:5c06fa9fa2][b:5c06fa9fa2]Up +$23 for the day[/b:5c06fa9fa2][/color:5c06fa9fa2] [/size:5c06fa9fa2] $5Bill [/size:5c06fa9fa2]
66 1bacb88830 [color=green:1bacb88830][b:1bacb88830]A Beautiful Day Here.[/b:1bacb88830][/color:1bacb88830] [/size:1bacb88830] [color=blue:1bacb88830][b:1bacb88830]Nov 8, 2009[/b:1bacb88830][/color:1bacb88830] Today is one of those great fall days when the leaves are gone from the trees, the air is warm and the skies are bright blue. I could live like this all year round. The Empress casino keeps sending me all these coupons so I just had to make the hour drive over there. I sure didn’t mind taking a drive today. I wondered if that skinny old dealer was there today, the one who spoiled my day last weekend. When I got there, I saw him at the table I played at last time. But fortunately the other $5 table had only one guy playing at it. Now that’s my kind of table. But first I had to cash in my coupons and get a decaf. I walked back and bought in for $100 at SL1 at the empty table. When I tossed the dice, I moved over a little to SL1 ½ so I wouldn’t get my arm in front of the dealers again. It was a fun table to play at. I played the same strategy on the Don’ts that I have been doing lately. This other Don’t player came along and played on my side of the table in the hook by the dealer. He did the doey don’t thing and laid single odds. The table stayed on the cold side most of the time I was there. There was only one time that I got on a long roll. When I finally sevened-out the other Don’t played smiled and said, “That was a lot of work.” “Yeah,” I said, “That wasn’t worth it.” I didn’t lose much because of the way I have been betting. There was one other guy who came along and played on the other side at straight out. He was a randie and I put my $6 down. Of course he tossed a seven on the come out. This time I put $7 down on the Don’t and 10 became the point. Well I’ll be dammed if he didn’t come right back with a hard 10. So I go back and put $6 down on the Don’t and 4 becomes the point. I thought it would be a simple win. A few rolls later and he makes the 4. At that point I stopped betting on him. I was losing too much. He finally set the 8 as a point and then sevens-out. That just doesn’t figure, he can make the 4’s and 10’s but he can’t make the 8. That was my only big loss on a randie for the day. In a short time I had made my money back betting the Don’t on other players. After two hours of play I left the table. Before I walked into the casino, I had $126 on me. My goal for the day was to walk out of the casino with $200 in my pocket. Well I came within $1 of reaching that goal and I’ll be dammed if I was going to chase that crummy $1. I walked out with $199 in my pocket. [color=green:1bacb88830][b:1bacb88830]Coupons +$25 Winning +$48 Up for the day +$73[/b:1bacb88830][/color:1bacb88830] [/size:1bacb88830] $5Bill
67 e2edba0a00 [color=green:e2edba0a00][b:e2edba0a00]I Couldn’t Believe I Did That[/b:e2edba0a00][/color:e2edba0a00][/size:e2edba0a00] [color=blue:e2edba0a00][b:e2edba0a00] Nov 12, 2009[/b:e2edba0a00][/color:e2edba0a00] Everything started out just fine this morning. I met my friend with the wheel chair and wheeled him into the casino. We found that SL1 was opened at this $5 table. Once I got him into place the guy at SL2 left the table so I took that spot. The table was cold at first and I was up $30 playing the Don’t Pass. My friend was placing the inside numbers and soon found himself down about $70 or $80. Then my friend got the dice and he got on a 28-hand roll. Of course I didn’t want to bet the Don’t when he had the dice. All I did was watch his roll go by. He had thrown six 9’s and he didn’t have anything on that number. I couldn’t stand it any longer so I tossed $5 on the 9. Sure enough it hit and I took it down. Wrong move because it hit again on the next roll. My friend had gotten all of his money back. The dice went around the table until it got to straight-out right. That’s when I blew my discipline. This shooter kept making his points and instead of laying off of him after two losses in a row playing the Don’t, I kept betting thinking he can’t possibly make any more points. Well he had 5 of the 6 numbers made before he sevened-out. I had lost all of my winnings. I couldn’t believe I did that. The dice finally got back to my friend again. This time I bet against him. I figured he only had one good roll in him. WRONG! I put my $6 on the Don’t and he rolled the 7. I replaced it with a $7 Don’t bet and he rolled the 11. I didn’t stop betting the Don’t like I should have. My discipline went in the toilet again. Before he set the point, he had tossed 6 come-out naturals. 7,11,7,7,7,7. Believe me, I thought of doing a $31 no 5 but I just didn’t have the bankroll to do that. Were is Golfer and his hopping 7's when you need him? I was down $21 by this time and he was getting tired. He started coloring up and I thought to myself, “shit.” I want to get my money back. But I had to stop playing because I had to wheel him off the boat. We used up all our comp dollars and he said that he would buy lunch today. We had a nice lunch but I still had a lot of energy left. I wanted to go back in and play. I took him to his car and then went back on the boat. I went to the same table but this time I had to take straight-out left. I had no other choice. All I had in mind was to get my $21 back. Well the shooter at SL1 got the dice and went on a roll. I didn’t count but he had to have a 40-roll hand. I blew that one. You normally just assume that the next shooter would have a short roll and then seven-out. Well don’t believe it. This next shooter had a big roll also. There was one more guy left before I got the dice. I’m glad I didn’t bet the Don’t on him because he started off with a 7 on the come-out and then went on another big roll. All those long rolls and I lost money. Pleeeese, someone just kick me in the ass. I got the dice next and I was confident with my shooting, so I put $6 on the Don’t and established the 4 as the point. Then I placed the 6 and 8 for $6 each. I put $7 in the field and rolled the 9. I removed the field bet and set for the 6 and 8. I took one hit on the 8 and took the 6 and 8 down. I figured that if I layed $4 on my Don’t bet that I would end up even for the day. I used the straight 6’s set with the 7’s all around and sevened-out. Thank goodness, I finished even for the day. But I was not happy with the way I played today. My biggest downfall is losing my patience at the table. That and being at a crowded table. [color=green:e2edba0a00][b:e2edba0a00]For the Day = $0.00 EVEN for the Day.[/b:e2edba0a00][/color:e2edba0a00] [/size:e2edba0a00] $5Bill
68 fb22b18476 [size=18:fb22b18476][color=green:fb22b18476][b:fb22b18476]The Casino Paid My Grocery Bill[/b:fb22b18476] [/color:fb22b18476][/size:fb22b18476] [color=blue:fb22b18476][b:fb22b18476]Nov 13, 2009[/b:fb22b18476][/color:fb22b18476] My exercise class gets out early on Fridays at Noon so I had time to go over and pick up my prescription and do a little shopping at Jewel Foods. My medicine didn’t cost that much because Illinois pays for most of it which came to $2.60. What a deal. I bought the rest of my groceries and the total bill for everything came to $26. When I got home and put everything away it was about 1:30 in the afternoon. Now what am I going to do? Huh, I know what would be fun, yeah, the casino. My win goal for today was to win $30. I love it when I can get the casino to pay for my groceries. When I walked in the casino, I knew the tables would be crowded on a Friday afternoon. They had two $5 table but they were so jammed up. The other two tables were at $10. I noticed that one of the $10 tables only had 2 other guys playing. With only a $100 in my pocket, I would rather be at a $5 table but since this was an empty table and I had my spot at SL1, I took the chance. As soon as I started playing of course all these guys came out of the woodwork and the table was packed within 5 minutes. Were the hell do they come from? I was up $4 but I wasn’t about to play at a crowded $10 with only a $100 bankroll in my chip rail so I left and squeezed into a spot at straight-out right at this $5 table. Now I was more comfortable. This one guy next to me started talking to me about his betting and such things. I don’t mind talking at the table with others, that’s part of the fun of playing craps. But when it becomes non-stop, then it becomes a distraction and you aren’t thinking clearly about what you should be doing. Twice I was up $17. But I would always lose it. Once I placed the 6 and 8 for $6 each and $5 in the field and got one hit. I planned on taking everything down after the second hit but that’s when the 7 knocked me out. The other time was when this guy at the other end of the table shot and I had three losses in a row on the Don’t Pass. That was my signal to go find another table to play at. By this time the crowds were starting to thin out a little bit because it was around rush hour and all the married guys had to be home on time or they would get in trouble with the wives. I found my spot at SL1 at a $5 game imagine that. My shooting was good today. With all the playing I have been doing lately, I am getting better and better with my toss. I kept my discipline today too. The table was filled but there were still a couple of spots open. I was doing fine winning a little at a time. This one shooter got the dice and established a 4 as the point. After a few rolls he sevened-out. I looked down to pick up my winning but nothing was there. I must have been getting bored or having one of those senior moments because I wasn’t sure if I put my $6 on the Don’t at the beginning of the roll or not. I looked at the dealer and asked her if I had a Don’t bet there. She said, “I don’t know.” The box then heard us. I explained that I wasn’t sure if I had a bet on the Don’t or not. He said that he would have the eye in the sky to take a look and see. Sure enough, somehow my $6 Don’t bet got swept away when all the guys were throwing in their prop bets. They paid me my $12 and I was relived that I wasn’t going crazy or having a stroke or something. All the day and evening crews at the Grand Victoria have been Soooo Nice these past couple of weeks. Now I really enjoy playing there. I just have to fine a time of the day when there isn’t so many guys playing though. I reached my win goal for the day and although it was short by $1 who cares, I did it. The casino paid my grocery bill and I still have $3 left over. I love it when that happens. [size=18:fb22b18476][color=green:fb22b18476][b:fb22b18476]Up for the Day +$29[/b:fb22b18476][/color:fb22b18476][/size:fb22b18476] $5Bill
69 a1b907cfd3 Visualization, Synchronicity, String Theory and Me Bear with me here. I have no idea where this article is going. But a couple of weeks ago we were chatting about visualization on the forum and I was reminded of events that happened the day before. It was a Tuesday, and I was driving my niece, a psychologist who works with troubled kids, over to Dallas to catch a flight up to the Midwest. Along the way we got to talking about kids and behavior and how kids will often “act out” when someone is watching them but function on a relatively even keel when on their own. Further complicating the issue is that some authority figures pick up on these kids’ vibes and reflect them back on them with escalating intensity. Hey, I think I may have been in on an episode or two of that myself through the years. But trust me, this article isn’t about becoming a better parent. After I dropped the niece at the airport I got a call from my older daughter, Sarah. Upon learning I was in Dallas, she asked if I’d like to get together for an early dinner. Red Hot and Blue barbecue followed, along with a discussion of cats (she has two), and the Uncertainty Principle, sometimes known as the Heisenberg Principle. Here’s a thumbnail version you that might apply to this discussion. If you cannot see the results of a roll of dice then the result could be anything. It could also, at least according to Heisenberg, be all possible numbers. In other words, the result of the roll is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 all at the same time. It’s not until you actually verify the result by observing it that it becomes reality. Ah. See how that starts to tie in with my earlier conversation with my niece? No? Okay, just work with me on this and we’ll take it a little farther. From the Heisenberg Principle we drifted into the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Physics and (last but not least) the Observer Effect. The observer effect simply states that we change the results simply by watching. Aha! Slap a dollop of bacteria in a Petri dish and they’ll just happily squiggle about doing their own thing. Put a light on them and view them through a microscope and they’ll don top hats and tap shoes and dance for you. Yeah, that’s a little extreme but you get the idea. But hearken back to those kids playing in the back yard who don’t misbehave unless a parent is watching. Same general concept. Then again, maybe it’s the Heisenberg Principle. They aren’t really misbehaving until we SEE them misbehaving. Hmmm. Which comes first? Or maybe I should ask where what happens. Say what? Well, you’ll see what I’m talking about in a minute. By the way, don’t ask me how we get off on these tangents. It’s just one of those things that happens when you have relatively smart kids who have always practiced free association as a way of stimulating conversation. And, feel free to Google all of the above if I’ve totally confused you because it all sort of ties together with what my niece and I were discussing on the way to the airport as well as the things that followed throughout the day. Heading back across Dallas I stopped to visit my old friend Patricia Anthony. Pat is a science fiction novelist who won widespread critical acclaim back in the nineties. You can still find her books through Amazon. Anyway, her laptop was on the blink and I’d told her I would stop by and take a look at it. After the obligatory tea and catching up we somehow lapsed into a conversation about Zen, meditation, reincarnation, celestial visitations, and (what else) the String Theory in physics. String Theory, by the way, combines elements of quantum mechanics with general relativity, particularly as regards gravitational forces and . . . well, hell. There are only two things we’re concerned about here. First off - parallel realities where other things went beyond “could have happened” and actually happened. Go back to that dice toss I mentioned before. If all results did indeed happen before you observed the one that occurred in YOUR reality then the other results happened in other realities. There goes your parallel universe! In one string you tossed and eight. In another you threw a ten. In still another you sevened out. And that one little change affected your entire future in that particular string. The other part of String Theory I wanted to touch on was simply this. Everything vibrates. By that I mean every bit of matter that contains molecular material resonates at its own frequency. What does this mean to you if you’re not a battery powered sex toy? Good question, because we’re heading right back to the back yard and those misbehaving kids. When I got home Tuesday evening I had an e-mail from a friend out in California discussing the fact that everything resonates (vibrates) at its own frequency but when you observe something for a period of time (17 seconds for some reason or another) that YOU start to resonate in harmony with the object you are observing - and vice versa. Sound sort of like that Observation Effect again? You pick up bad vibes from the kids and the situation escalates as you emit your own bad vibes? Sounds to me like you essentially establish a sort of symbiotic relationship - for better or worse. Now let’s get back to tossing the dice. Set a pair of dice on the table with the hard six facing up. Stare directly down on those dice until you have every facet committed to memory. Then close your eyes and imagine those same dice with one small change. There are two additional pips on the left die. They are now set on 5-3. You see it clearly. It IS an eight. And now your mind has taken a step beyond the physical and seized other possibilities - other realities. Your mind starts to “see” things that aren’t really there - or are they? To quote our philandering former Chief Executive, it depends on what your definition of is - is. Sports psychologists have long known that by actively choosing to “replay” a vision of a positive outcome, you set the stage for a more successful result. And the more actively you use visual images during this process –- the more powerful your final results will be. Cut to Caddyshack. “See the ball. Be the ball.” According to most golf coaches, the average duffer thinks too much. He thinks about how high to tee up the ball. He thinks about foot placement. He thinks about keeping his head down and his eye on the ball. Worse, he thinks about topping the ball, slicing it, shanking it, or whiffing it entirely. How do you quiet all of that negative self-talk? By replacing it with something positive. Active visualization of positive results doesn’t just apply to golf - or athletics in general. It can be applied to any aspect of your personal or business life - including our favorite pastime, casino craps. Watch the dice as the stickman brings them to the center of the table. Focus on them, studying every facet. Visualize the move you will have to make to get them properly set. Close your eyes and imagine the dice tumbling down the table in perfect sync, rolling the number you are looking for. See the dice - be the dice. It really does work. Of course, learning to use active mental programming in your life is a very personal thing. No one method works best for everyone. If you have never before been successful visualizing, you might want to start with a step-by-step procedure that will lead you into the process. A simple approach that many have used is the creation of an actual montage of pictures that represent what you want to achieve. Commit them to memory so that when you close your eyes you can still see the pictures. “See the eight - throw the eight.” Then make like Nike and Just Do It!
72 3afa9c8380 Your Personalized Toss Improvement Plan Through the years I’ve done a lot of toss tune-ups with players. In the early years we focused primarily on grip, release, and follow through for quick fixes of the issues we ran up against. But the more of these tune-ups we did the more we problems we uncovered - in some cases problems so minor that we’d often forget to touch on them. On more than one occasion I’ve heard SIA, Irishsetter, or Maddog say, “Oh, man. I forgot to talk to him about keeping his head up or controlling his breathing. Remind me when we get to the dealer school tomorrow to talk to him about it.” Eventually, we got to the point that we were taking notes in our pocket spiral notebooks during sessions and handing them to the players at the end of the toss tweak. Then, last Spring, I decided to put something a little more formal together. Basically it’s a one-side of one-sheet-of-paper guideline to a good toss. I call it the Personalized Toss Improvement Plan. It lists a number of reminders about things to look for when coaching a player - and it’s a list you might want to consider when you set up your own practice sessions. First off, I like to take a look at how you position yourself at the table. If you are standing stick left and tossing right handed with a backhand toss then you should be facing the dealer. You’ll want to do something with your non-tossing hand, so we discuss that. We also want you to lean out over the table as much as possible in order to position yourself to toss straight down the line to the flat part of the wall. Of course, if you’re going to have a good stance at the table then you have to make sure your feet and body are aligned. Much the same as when putting at golf, your “stroke” will parallel an imaginary line drawn across the tips of your toes. Earlier I mentioned keeping your head up. That’s another thing to consider. You want a good, clear, and level look at your landing zone. It’s hard to put things in perspective if you are looking at it sideways. Then we have what I’ll call the “Fundamental Five.” The dice pre-set, the grip, breath control, the launch, and follow through. Each of these should be reviewed regularly to guarantee you have a set routine and are using it every time. Last of all, I try to talk to players about observing their results and making necessary adjustments as needed. If one die is flying higher than the other you should know what that is a symptom of. If both dice are hitting the table and bouncing left something is causing it. The same goes for the dice flying to the corner. Now the cause and effect and you will become a better shooter. With that said, I’m including a blank copy of the Personalized Toss Improvement Plan for your use. Feel free to cut and paste it into your word processor and print out as many copies as you want. Does it help to have another set of eyes looking at your toss and tweaking it for you? Sure. But there’s no reason why you can’t accomplish much of this on your own if you’ll simply take the time to do it. Here’s the sheet: ================================================ Personalized Toss Improvement Plan 1. Table Position: 2. Feet/Body Alignment: 3. Head position/Line of Sight: 4. Pre-Setting the Dice: 5. Gripping the Dice: 6. Breath Control: 7. Launching the Dice: 8. Releasing the Dice: 9. Follow Through: 10. Observing Results and Adjusting: Comments:
73 9d9a1e040e The Murphy Murphy’s Law states ‘If anything can go wrong it will go wrong’. Its creator, U.S. Air Force Captain Ed Murphy, coined the phrase after a G-force stress measuring device he had installed on a chimpanzee for a rocket sled test failed to function - no doubt stressing the chimp even further. But he could easily have been talking about our favorite game, casino craps. Dice Influencers deal with a multitude of variables every time they step up to the table. Are the dice new or are they old and dinged up and grabbing the felt every time you toss them? Has the casino switched from 3/4 inch to 5/8 inch dice and now you feel like you’re playing Monopoly instead of craps? Did someone spill a drink on the layout last night and leave a sticky spot that’s effecting your roll? No wonder the dice aren’t hitting the back wall. And what about that guy who keeps posting those late bets. How are the dice going to react when they bounce off his knuckles - or his knuckle head? New money on the table? You know where the dice are going to land. Chips in the middle of your landing zone? Say no more! If it can go wrong it will. Or will it? Just because things go wrong with your picture perfect toss doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Even if the roll is completely random there’s still a one-in-six chance that it won’t result in a seven - and that’s a beautiful thing. Is dice influencing a sure thing? Of course not. With so many variables anything can happen - which is exactly why you shouldn’t over-bet your hand. Bet a reasonable amount commensurate with your documented skill level. Choose low or no vig bets where you have the greatest opportunity for gain. And if you’re ever tempted to stake your life savings on a roll of the dice take a minute to think about Captain Murphy’s Law.
74 0fa4febf52 Pacing Your Play I often say that playing craps is like stepping onto a battlefield. It is you against the casino. Unless you are a skilled shooter, every wager on the layout has you at a disadvantage. The casino has unlimited ammunition in the form of its bankroll, while you are limited to the money you bring to the table. Sooner or later exhaustion will set in and you will start to make poor decisions. Meanwhile, the casino brings in a fresh crew and the battle continues. They have you out-manned and out-gunned. To be an effective player you must maintain a certain pace. In fact, P.A.C.E. is an acronym to help you remember the steps to winning the craps wars. Plan . . . your play Accept . . . the fact that you may lose everything you brought to the table Control . . . your emotions and fear by visualizing success Execute . . . your plan without stopping or looking back once the action begins To be an effective player your session begins long before you step up to the table. Before seeing any live action the General makes elaborate battle plans. You must plan your play before you hit the tables. The General weighs risk versus reward before putting his soldier’s lives at risk. In the same manner, you must decide just how much you are willing to risk for the opportunity to win. Like the General, you must control your emotions and fear in the heat of battle. You must execute your plan flawlessly, without looking back once the action has begun. If you planned to run a six and eight progression from $12 up to $120, then commit and do it. Should you decide in mid-progression that you want to take the bets down you can always do so. But make sure you are doing it for a legitimate reason. Perhaps the shooter is a DI who has been interrupted by the cocktail server. Someone may have placed their action in his landing zone. The box may be giving him heat for missing the back wall. These are legitimate reasons to amend your play. With that thought in mind, remember that there are two ways to fight a battle - defensively and offensively. Let’s think about the defensive fighter. The enemy attacks and he uses everything he has in an effort to save home and heartland. He may ultimately win after a long pitched battle, but often home and heartlands are destroyed in the process. He is left to bury his dead and survive on the dregs of war. On the other hand, the offensive fighter is the master of lightning-fast attacks. He quickly takes advantage of every opening and opportunity wins the day handily and emerges with all the spoils of war. To win at casino craps you must strike quickly when there is an opportunity, taking advantage of every opening while accepting the fact that at any moment you may be struck down by the enemy. The reason so many players fail to do that is that they cannot accept the possibility of loss. They are afraid to lose, so they play not to lose. They play defensively instead of playing to win, and opportunity passes them by. Here are five of the primary P.A.C.E. targets I look for when observing a DI tossing the dice: 1. The shooter sets the dice and executes an obviously practiced toss. 2. The shooter makes his first Pass and gets beyond the second toss of his second hand. Just about every monster roll starts with that first Pass decision. But all too many hands end with a quick Seven-Out after the second point is established. 3. Any inside number repeats during a shooter’s hand. Let’s say the shooter tosses a Five, followed by a Six, then another Five. At that point, if I do not already have a bet on the Five I will get one. 4. Multiple naturals on the Come Out. One thing all great craps hands have in common is that the sevens roll at the right time - on the Come Out. To me this is a powerful indicator of a potentially hot hand. 5. Multiple hardway numbers roll during a shooter’s hand. While the hardways are high vig bets, they are a good indicator of a hot hand. Watch the prop box as the hand progresses. If you decide to play the hardways set aside a small portion of your bankroll for this type of action. If you lose that portion of your bankroll - you’re through betting the props. Interestingly enough, many of these “indicators” are often cited in strategies sold by system sellers as ways to qualify a shooter. Do they work on random rollers? Probably not. But when a DI has the dice it’s not a bad way to go. The important thing to remember is to have a plan - a track to run on - then set a pace that will see you through the race.
71 b819e7c6ca 6&8 PROGRESSIONS I have Transrefferd this over from the old site. Author Topic: Six and Eight Power Press Progression Heavy Administrator "The dice aren't the only things you need to control! Six and Eight Power Press Progression « Thread Started on Apr 29, 2002, 2:40am » [Quote] Here's a nice little progression that can pay you well with just four hits on the six or eight in any hand. Bypass the come out roll, then place $18 each on the six and eight. The first hit pays $21. Drop $3 on the table and tell the dealer to press the six and eight to $30 each. The second hit pays $35. Drop $1 on the table and tell the dealer to press the six and eight to $48 each. The third hit pays $56. Lock up $32 in the rack and tell the dealer to press the six and eight to $60 each. At this point you have $120 in action with only $8 at risk because you locked up $32 on the third hit. The fourth hit pays $70. Collect the $70 win and tell the dealer to bring you down on the $120 action. Net win - $182 on just four hits. Not a bad way to play. Report to Mod - Link to Post - Back to Top IP: Logged Join me in Vegas for the Sayonara Seminar - Heavy's Final Fling - October 15 - 17, 2010. roadrunner Dice Guru ******* Re: Six and Eight Power Press Progression « Reply #1 on Jun 8, 2002, 7:26am » [Quote] Knowing you, I thought you would take the second hit and have a $30 six eight for a $1. terry Guest it works great « Reply #2 on Jun 8, 2002, 8:13pm » [Quote] tried this proression last night. works better than any progression ive seen. thanks heavy :D give us more Report to Mod - Link to Post - Back to Top IP: Logged Heavy Administrator *** "The dice aren't the only things you need to control!" Re: Six and Eight Power Press Progressio Roadrunner - My natural inclination is to regress to a $12 six and eight after the first hit - then press to $18 each - then $24 each - then $30 - then down. I just can't seem to get away from those regressions - which probably saves me money over the long run - but it also keeps me from making those major scores. Heavy Administrator ***** "The dice aren't the only things you need to contr Re: Six and Eight Power Press Progression « Reply #4 on Jun 8, 2002, 9:50pm » [Quote] Terry - when you get to the point that you have sufficient bankroll - try starting out at $30 each on the six and eight. First hit pays $35. Drop a dollar and go to $48 each. Next hit pays $56. Drop $4 and go to $78 each. Next hit pays $91. Lock up $7 and go to $120 each. Next hit pays $140 - and down on everything. Net win - $322 on four hits. You can play with it - it's an aggressive style of pressing but when you get a precision-type shooter who is banging out half a dozen sixes and eights per hand you can rack some chips quickly. During a long hand instead of bringing it all down - regress back down to an $18 six and eight and start the progression over. Report to Mod - Link to Post - Back to Top IP: Logged Join me in Vegas for the Sayonara Seminar - Heavy's Final Fling - October 15 - 17, 2010. johnnybt Guest Re: Six and Eight Power Press Progression « Reply #5 on Jun 30, 2002, 6:56am » [Quote] I was running some numbers and here is a variation if you want to lock up profits earlier: $18 pays $21 - drop $3 and press to $30 $30 pays $35 - take down $11 and press to $42 $42 pays $49 - take down $37 and press to $48 $48 pays $54 - take it all down for a $161 profit After the third hit you show a profit of $9 with the $48s working for you. It's $21 more profit on a $19 risk, which is just about the normal payout. Did I get the math wrong? I'm off to Vegas in 2 hrs and I'm going to use this one some. Report to Mod - Link to Post - Back to Top IP: Logged roadrunner Dice Guru ******* Re: Six and Eight Power Press Progression « Reply #6 on Jun 30, 2002, 9:34am » [Quote] With the above progressions you do not get even until the third hit. This will get you virtually a free bet on the 2nd hit. Try investing $24 on 6 and 8 $12 $12 win $14 press $6 each ($12) investement $22 $18 $18 win $21 no press investment $1 $18 $18 win $21 add $3 press $12 each investment $4 $30 $30 win $35 no press profit $31 $30 $30 win $35 add $1 press $18 each profit $30 $48 $48 win $56 take em down to $12 each profit $158 $18 will get you $234. $18 $30 $30 $48 $78 down roadrunner May the dice be nice! jrinct Guest Re: Six and Eight Power Press Progression « Reply #7 on Jul 17, 2002, 11:20pm » [Quote] Quote: Here's a nice little progression that can pay you well with just four hits on the six or eight in any hand. Bypass the come out roll, then place $18 each on the six and eight. The first hit pays $21. Drop $3 on the table and tell the dealer to press the six and eight to $30 each. The second hit pays $35. Drop $1 on the table and tell the dealer to press the six and eight to $48 each. The third hit pays $56. Lock up $32 in the rack and tell the dealer to press the six and eight to $60 each. At this point you have $120 in action with only $8 at risk because you locked up $32 on the third hit. The fourth hit pays $70. Collect the $70 win and tell the dealer to bring you down on the $120 action. Net win - $182 on just four hits. Not a bad way to play. I kinda like the RE gression myself , but interesting theory. Four hits doesnt sound too unreasonable. the dark sider Guest Re: Six and Eight Power Press Progression « Reply #8 on Jul 27, 2002, 5:10am » [Quote] :) i've done thousands of sessions with all these 6&8 progressions and the first thing i've noticed is getting three or four hits on those numbers in an average session of lets say 28 rolls is about 2or 3 times . you do the math. i think first of all if you don't one of those numbers in the next three or four rolls after your 1st or 2nd press you need to come down and take your profit. there has got to be a limit to leaving them up without a hit ,because you know that seven's coming. the progession i like is 6&8 12.00 each. after the 1st hit take it down and go to 30.00 on the other number. you will get 8.00 back with only 16.00 at risk on the table. when the 2nd number hits, drop a dollar and go to 66.00 when that hits you win 77.00 . come down with 143.00 for a seventeen bet that's only three hits , 17.00 action, 126.00 profit. iv'e hit alot of times but once i'm at 66.00, i give it 4 rolls ,then i';m down with still a 49.00 profit without getting greddy. that i like Report to Mod - Link to Post - Back to Top IP: Logged dlsize Guest Re: Six and Eight Power Press Progression « Reply #9 on Jul 27, 2002, 7:48pm » [Quote] I like the following if I find someone who can shoot: $30 6/8 - win lock up $11 $42 6/8 - win lock up $49 $42 6/8 - win with $133 and down Nice thing about it is that you are even after 2 hits. If I really need to bring home the bacon: $30 6/8 - win $36 - drop $1 $48 6/8 - win $56 - lock up $8 $72 6/8 - win $84 - lock up $48 $90 6/8 - win $105 - lock up $45 $120 6/8 - win $140 - lock up $80 $150 6/8 - down with $475 for a total of $595 in the cookie jar It could eat into you reserves quickly, but with a sniper out there (could it be me some day???) - it looks nice. With being able to snipe just 63/100 6/8s vs the 7 against the expected 62.5, it turns nicely positive as well. flicker Guest Re: Six and Eight Power Press Progression « Reply #10 on Aug 3, 2002, 10:03pm » [Quote] I have noticed that in some cases the six or eight would be the dominate number. So I would press that one three time and add enough to make it 180 and collect from there 210 each time. Quit when you wanted too.
75 0e58daebc5 Economics and the Way You Play It’s clear from all those casino offers we’re getting these days that the gaming industry - at least in Las Vegas - is hurting. Obviously the high roller crowd has been impacted with the busts in the financial markets and automobile industries. Car guys I know who used to make weekly treks to the poker rooms and craps pits are struggling to make payroll these days while some of the big names in the investment business are staring at jail time. Many big players have become mid-range players and mid-range players have become low rollers. But on the grunt level, where many of us grind out our daily existence, has that much really changed. For most of us the pay check is still coming in. Gas prices are down. Prices on other products are starting to fall into line. Frankly, if it weren’t for doom-and-gloom television analysts, the diminished value of my 401K, and my oft neglected trading account I probably wouldn’t even know there was a recession. Here’s what some of the players from around the country had to say in recent posts about their personal situation: One Pacific Northwest player said, “The recession hasn’t affected my income, so that isn’t a factor, but the tribal joints are not throwing any values or comps out there, and they seem to have tightened up their slot machines to make up for less patronage.” Vegas casinos, too, have reportedly tightened up the payout on machines. Of course, that really shouldn’t impact advantage players. Unless, of course, you have a slot-loving spouse who accompanies you to the casino. If so, your EV may have decreased. Another player I was visiting with told me he planned to continue playing at his current level in the casino, but that he was stepping up his sports betting - particularly the horses. Sounds like a lot of work to me. It reminded me of Benny Binion’s approach to betting sports, dogs, ponies and the like. He said, “Never bet on anything that eats or sh*ts.” A Canadian poster who considers himself a serious recreational player said he wasn’t feeling the effects of the recession in his industry, but there was always the possibility of layoffs or strikes as union contract negotiations come up next year. In anticipation of that he is building up his personal strike fund as opposed to building his bankroll. As for play - he is actively seeking out $5 - $10 tables as opposed to the $25 tables he normally haunts. That mirrors what the Fed is saying - spending is down and savings is up. And saving instead of spending really isn’t going to do much to stimulate the economy. A lady shooter from the Northeast told me that “We used to go to the Bahamas to play twice a year, but our business has slowed down to the extent that we can no longer afford to travel.” Air fares, however, have gone down recently - thanks to the one-two punch of decreased loads and lower fuel costs. Of course, they haven’t eliminated those baggage fees they initiated to help offset some of their fuel charges last summer. An Atlantic City player told me that “I normally end up parking on the eighth floor of my favorite casino’s parking garage. Last trip I got a good parking place on the third floor. The casino itself was empty.” Empty casinos should mean uncrowded tables and more shooting opportunities for most of us, however many players are finding that when they get to the casino the craps tables are closed. One player from the northeast told me, “I arrived at (casino name deleted per TOS) Sunday evening. Normally they would have two to four tables open. All of the dice games were closed.” What does all of this mean to the average Joe on the street? It all depends on your personal circumstances. As long as the average person keeps their job, they will not see a tremendous impact from this latest recession. A slower economy means some prices will drop on many things because of less demand. Other prices may fall as companies compete in a dwindling marketplace. If you lose your job, then it can be very difficult to find another when many companies may be tightening their belt. People who find themselves in that position often find that it’s a good time to start a business - even if the economy is slow. As far as investments are concerned, if you’re still employed a fall in the stock market gives the average person with an IRA or 401k the opportunity to buy more shares for the same price. If you’re not within 7 to 10 years of retirement, this could very well benefit you in the long run. As for your casino play - there are some great bargains out there. If you can afford to take advantage of them then by all means do. How would you bet on a limited bankroll? Well, that’s up to you. But in times like these I am reminded of the writings of Zeke Feinberg in his classic “You Can Earn Each Hour $12 to $24 or More Playing Casino Craps.” Yeah, that title is a mouthful. I mention it because right on the cover of Zeke’s book it says “Beat the Recession.” What was Zeke’s play? Well, essentially he took 200 pages to say “Place the six and eight for one hit - or three tosses - and down.” Sort of reminds you of John Patrick’s old hit-and-down play, doesn’t it. So let’s coin a new phrase. “If you’re in a recession remember your regression.” Play if you can afford to. Have a little discretionary income and want to come out for one of our craps clinics? We’d be more than happy to have you along. But if you don’t have the discretionary income remember you have to take care of yourself and your family first. Good luck in craps - and life.
"Get in, get up, and get gone."
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