August 17, 2024 - Tables and Tournaments Cruise with Heavy

Yes, it's the "shameless self promotion" portion of the board! Heavy has been playing craps for well over fifty years and teaching casino games and dice control for casino craps for since 2001 and is recognized as one of the best in the business. This is the place to come to learn more about his upcoming live seminars, his dice control seminar videos, books, and more.

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August 17, 2024 - Tables and Tournaments Cruise with Heavy

Post by heavy » Sun Oct 08, 2023 8:28 pm

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Cruise with Fellow Axis Power Craps and URComped Members onboard the MSC Seascape this August 17th, 2024!
Get ready for the Tables and Tournaments Meetup Cruise with other URComped members this August 17, 2024, cohosted by Table Games Expert Brandon O'Brien and Craps Guru Steve “Heavy” Haltom. This cruise will have a $25K Slot tournament and a Longest Roll Craps Competition plus Hot Seat Promos and other Giveaways that amp up the excitement level on this meetup! AND, the itinerary is amazing! This 7-night Eastern Caribbean & Bahamas Cruise on the MSC Seascape is going to visit Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ocean Cay Marine Reserve and, Nassau, Bahamas. Read all about it and sign on at this link: ... ?src=heavy

You’ll love cruise life on the Seascape, one of the newest, largest, and most tech savvy ships in the MSC lineup. I love the food and the service in the Main Dining Room, and the variety in the Buffet, but if you want to sample their specialty restaurants – I can personally vouce for their Steakhouse and their Sushi Restaurant. You’ll find a total of 11 specialty restaurants plus 19 bars and lounges with plenty of opportunities for eating and drinking, both inside and outside. And speaking of outside, don’t miss White Night on the Pool Deck. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.
Even thought this is not an official “Craps Cruise,” I will be available to teach classes on the morning of Days 2 and Day 5 – those wonderful Sea Days – in the casino for those of you who would like a craps toss tune up or some help with your betting approach. You’ll learn the same things I teach in my land-based classes in Las Vegas and across the country. Basic and advanced techniques in Dice Control and the moves you need to understand if you want to get the money off the table when that hot hand happens. Advanced Betting Strategies for Casino Craps.

On the First Sea Day (Day 2 of the cruise) I'll will be teaching two classes. At 8AM I’ll kick off the cruise with a small private class for ladies only. Women, if you’ve wanted to know more about casino craps but were intimidated by the game or the players, join me for this special Ladies, Beat the Dice Class. This special one-hour class will introduce you to the basics of the game; the rules, the best bets, the ones to stay away from, the language of the game so you can make your bets known to the dealers, and how to get your winnings off the table and into your rack smoothly and efficiently. Given time, we’ll even touch briefly on the basics of dice influence and how to play with a positive expectation. Best of all – the cost of this class is only $59 per person. Men, if you’ve been wanting your wife or girlfriend to learn the game and play as your partner at the table – this is a great way to help get her started. Order a 7AM room service breakfast, then escort that lady down to the casino at ten before eight. I’ll be down at the craps table ready to take things from there. But no guys allowed at this class. We might be talking about you (and what a smart player you are) before the class is over. Again, only $59 per person.

Right after our Ladies, Beat the Dice Class, we’ll crank up our Advanced Dice Control for Casino Craps. This 3 hour class runs from 9AM – 12 Noon. You’ll learn the dice sets, the grip, and the tosses to influence the dice from three different positions at the table. I will demonstrate these tosses and you will have the opportunity to practice them under my supervision during the class. Master these skills and you, too, will be playing craps with a positive expectation. We teach this on the first Sea day because these skills should serve you well the rest of the cruise. Time permitting, we will also cover basic Advantage Betting for Dice Influencers.

On the second Sea Day (Day 5 of the cruise) I will be teaching Advanced Betting Strategies for Casino Craps. This class runs three hours, from 9AM – 12 Noon. In that 3 hours You’ll learn how to turn a profit at the table after just one hit and still have action on the table. I’ll show you the most powerful betting strategy that DI’s use to turn a quick profit on the table. You’ll see my Dominant Number Press Play. And you’ll learn how to quickly press your bets up to table max during a hot hand. And you’ll learn basic Dark Side Play so you can transition to the Don’ts on choppy tables in order to stay in the game until the table gets hot again. These are skills EVERY serious craps player must have to win, but few bother to learn. ... ?src=heavy

Heavy’s Ladies, Best the Dice Seminar is $59 for the one session at 8AM on the First at Sea Day. You can register by making payment directly to Heavy via the Zelle app on-line to A 10% Zelle discount is available if you pay your tuition via Zelle before December 31st. Your cost will be just $56. Always follow up Zelle payments with a direct email to Heavy at providing your contact information and letting him know specifically which classes you are signing up for.

If you prefer to sign up and pay via PayPal at the full price of $59 you can do so at the following link: ... RBP7VLYPXG

Heavy’s Seminars at Sea are $399 for one session, $729 for both sessions. You can register by making payment directly to Heavy via the Zelle app on-line to A 10% Zelle Discount is available if you pay your entire tuition prior to December 31st. Always follow up Zelle payments with a direct email to Heavy at providing your contact information and letting him know specifically which classes you are signing up for.

If you prefer to use PayPal you can register at any of the following links:

Sign up for one session at $399 at this link: ... LQVEM85Y7Y

Sign up for two sessions at $729 at this link: ... AF57K97VVC

If you are not already a registered member of URComped, get registered and sign on for this cruise at the following link: ... ?src=heavy

Here’s what our itinerary looks like for this fun, exciting cruise to the Eastern Caribbean and Bahamas:


Day 1: Miami, FL
Day 2: At Sea
Day 3: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Day 4: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Day 5: At Sea
Day 6: Nassau, Bahamas
Day 7: Ocean Cay Marine Reserve
Day 8: Miami, Florida

Qualified players will enjoy a complimentary stateroom! Discounted cruise rates may be available to those who do not qualify for a fully comped cruise.
Hurry and claim this offer now to secure your spot! Follow this link to register: ... ?src=heavy

MSC gives its guests a unique Caribbean cruise experience that offers a truly immersive connection to the sea. Sign on and learn why MSC are considered the Masters and Commanders of the Sea.
"Get in, get up, and get gone."
- Heavy

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