OHCM variant... Using table odds to cover place bets

Setting and influencing the dice roll is just part of the picture. To beat the dice you have to know how to bet the dice. Whether you call it a "system," a "strategy," or just a way to play - this is the place to discuss it.

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OHCM variant... Using table odds to cover place bets

Post by Bandit308 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:01 pm

$50 DP, $5 Pass, $3 Yo.
5x or better odds on table. $5 table.

Point established....

If 4/10- a pass line odds bet of $23 covers the DP. $46+$5. That means $27 invested on the Do side. $23 can be PLACED. 2 units on 6/8 or spread it out to $22 inside.

If 5/9- a pass line odds bet of $30 pays $45+$5 pass win. That leaves $15 for PLACE bets. Want $22 inside- your risk is $7 ($3 yo loss).

If 6/8- a pass line of $30 pays $42+$5 pass line win. That leaves $15 for the place ($3 yo loss and $3 pass line loss if point hit).

If point becomes 6/8 (or one of your favorite numbers) move what would be the place bet behind the pass to the odds. Add $1 or 2 to the pass to make the 5x work.

After the point any place hit is profit (give or take a buck).

Only the Sheriff hurts this way. A $7 red pays $28 for a little random roller hedge and means first hit pays for red protection. $10 red and naked YO gives you $5 loss on come out roll if a seven. Down to 2 ways to lose on come out and one win to be down $3 bucks.

A short roll table you could lower pass line odds to favor Don't.

A long roll table press up place bets.

A grind I know. Best case you hit a couple of 2,3's for a big $42 win.

Thoughts? Choppy table play? A couple of hits and pull the place and hope for the red for a 4-5 unit profit?

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