Axis Power Craps Dice are Temporarily OUT OF STOCK~

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Axis Power Craps Dice are Temporarily OUT OF STOCK~

Post by heavy » Tue Dec 27, 2022 1:07 pm

The Axis Power Craps casino dice are OUT OF STOCK!

We have once again SOLD OUT of our 2022 APC Dice. As soon as we get our 2023 dice in stock we will advise you and make them available to order. Thank you for your continued support of the APC Dice program.

Axis Power Craps Dice are manufactured by TCO John Huxley, formerly Midwest Game Supply, the only manufacturer of casino qualify dice in the United States. Huxley typically sells to casinos only, and they are no longer selling directly to individuals. Axis Power Craps was approved to purchase through Huxley since we are incorporated and have had a long relationship with Midwest.

When we stock the dice we carry the same 3/4" gloss finished razor edge dice we've featured for years - the same dice carried by many corporate and Native American casinos across the United States. They are certified perfect by the manufacturer to within 1/10,000th of an inch. We only sell them in "sets" of two sticks - one red and one green, to better facilitate roll tracking when practicing. There are five dice in each stick. The dice feature the Axis Power Craps logo and have matching serial numbers.

We have reached out to Huxley with out 2023 order, however we have no timeline on when orders will be filled. As soon as we get them in stock, you'll be the first to know. Thanks for your patience.

Remember, you don't play with worn out dice with holes drilled in them in the casino. Why would you practice with them? Practice with the same kind of dice the casinos use. New dice fresh from the foil wrappers.
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