Darth Nater's Private Lessons in Vegas

Yes, it's the "shameless self promotion" portion of the board! Heavy has been playing craps for well over fifty years and teaching casino games and dice control for casino craps for since 2001 and is recognized as one of the best in the business. This is the place to come to learn more about his upcoming live seminars, his dice control seminar videos, books, and more.

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Darth Nater's Private Lessons in Vegas

Post by heavy » Fri Jul 02, 2021 4:05 pm

Since my frequent co-coach Darth Nater has established full-time residence in Las Vegas he's now "officially" available to accept students for private lessons at his home (the secret location in Henderson with the million dollar view we're always talking about). He's one of the few coaches in this business that I fully endorse, and I encourage players to seek out for toss tune-ups, betting strategy training (particularly if you're interested in developing your Dark Side game), and both beginner and advanced BoneTracker training and analysis.

Nate's fees are extremely reasonable and comparable to what others in the business are charging. Here's how they shake out:

Dice Setting Classes

Introductory Dice Setting & Influencing: $249 for 2 hours – including the fundamentals of dice setting, including grips, tossing techniques, and betting strategies.

Advanced Dice Setting: $249 for 2 hours - including set optimization and tossing from different positions around the table, as well as tactics for different table surfaces.

For either of these classes, you may add a spouse or significant other for $125. Both classes may be combined for $449. Custom rates are also available for groups of 3 to 8 persons.

DarthNater’s Darkside betting – the basics of betting the Don’ts

Darksider Basics: betting the Don’t Pass, Don’t Come and Laying the numbers. Straightforward strategies to deal with cold tables. $195 for 90 minutes.

Darksider Advanced Topics: strategies for transition play, and playing on choppy tables – multiple betting approaches, and shooting from the Don’t Pass. $195 for 90 minutes.

Both Darkside classes can be combined for $349.

Bonetracking Analysis & Coaching

Bonetracker Basics: How to track your tosses, assess your set strengths and weaknesses; and analyze your results. 90 minutes for $295

Advanced Bonetracker Analytics: Analysis of your book(s) of tosses before a one-on-one discussion, optimization of your primary and secondary sets & assessment of Set Transpositions with face-matching to prepare for better casino performances. This can be a face-to-face (or virtual) one-on-one session running 90 minutes for $395. Also: A Second Analysis Option of another book of 720 rolls within a month for $279. Plus, a Third Analysis Option for $199.

Bonetracking for Snipers: targeting specific numbers for Bonus bets, Repeaters, or focusing on seven and Lays for the Darkside shooter – $395 for 90 minutes

Other Classes

The Basics of Craps Class: learn the layout, the bets, the etiquette, the craps terms and strategies so you can go to the casino and play with confidence - $199 for two hours – discounts for groups.

Toss Tune-ups: $100 per hour, 2 hours minimum.

Individual practice table time: $85 per hour; or $135 for a pair of shooters practicing in tandem. (2 hours minimum)

So there you have it guys. A little something for everyone. If you're interested you can Private Message Nate here on the forum, or email him direct at darthnaterdice@gmail.com for more information or to schedule a class.
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