Pass/Come Progressions

Setting and influencing the dice roll is just part of the picture. To beat the dice you have to know how to bet the dice. Whether you call it a "system," a "strategy," or just a way to play - this is the place to discuss it.

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Pass/Come Progressions

Post by heavy » Sun May 06, 2012 12:15 pm

One of the strategies an acquaintance of mine swears by is one of those that I absolutely hate - the old continuous Pass Line/Come Bet with odds. This particular chap likes the 100X odds games we have over in Shreveport/Bossier, because he plays a progression on the Free Odds. He doesn't increase his base bet until he's required to do so in order to get more Free Odds on the table. So when he gets to a $5 line bet with $500 odds the next step is to progress to a $10 line bet and continue the Free Odds progression. Here's what the Free Odds progression looks like:


Assuming a $5 base bet you increase to $10 at this point . . .


Increase to a $25 base bet here . . .


Increase to a $50 base bet here . . .


Increase to a $100 base bet here . . .


Increase to a $250 base bet here . . .


And that's about enough of that. Note that the max bet is whatever the table limit is. You keep progressing your line bet and odds or come bet with odds until you hit table max. Then you remain at that level until the hand ends.

This play calls for a $2500 session bankroll. Loss limit is everything in the rack. Unfortunately, you'll hit that loss limit more often than you'll have winning sessions. However, if you catch a hot shooter who tosses a long hand you will clean up.

The progression can be a little confusing so I'll run through a quick explanation. In a $5 game you would bet $5 Pass and take $10 odds, then make continuous come bets with $10 odds. Whenever any of your numbers roll you progress to the next step in the odds bet - so your six, for example, would go from $5 with $10 odds to $5 with $30 odds. You remain at $30 odds for two hits, which puts you in a profit position for that number. Meanwhile, the eight sitting there rolls once and is up for $5 with $10 odds and may never progress unless it rolls again. Keeping this in mind, it's possible to have a point of four with $10 odds with come bets on the five with $500 odds, the six with $30 odds, the eight with $150 odds, the nine with $10 odds, and the ten with a $10 base bet and $750 odds. It all depends on what numbers roll and how often they roll. The prime motivator behind this play? It's one of the lowest vig ways to play - and it fulfills the "greed factor."

The key here is to keep progressing your bets as long as you are winning - right up to table max. Since you stick for two hits with $30 odds your action will get "paid for" fairly early on. Of course, the superstition rules also apply. Any time you get that seven feeling - call off your odds bets. That's where you'll score your big wins.
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