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7's can't hurt if you can avoid the 10 (or 4)

Posted: Wed May 18, 2022 11:27 am
by mrmidi
A 10 can only come 3 ways (only 2 ways if you hedge the hard 10) so if you can find a set with toss mechanics to just avoid the 10 (or 4) for TWO HITS INSIDE, you are golden.
Let's say I lay the 10 for $300. If a 7 comes it pays $150 (minus a $7 vig) so that's $143.
Enough to cover $135 on placing the 4 thru 9. Looking for only 2 hits to pay $70 or $83 (if a 4 hits).
NOW TAKE DOWN THE LAY and the $25 4 and use house $ for $66 inside, pressing and expanding
back out to the 4 and 10 with hits. The only hole in this is if you get smacked on an early 10 bankroll killer. So finding a set and toss that AVOIDS the 10 is key. And only leaving it up for 2 hits is key. Been working for me for years where I'm comfortable with a $500 lay 10 and $220 inside working the come outs. 6/4, 4/6 with a LH yuri from SR 1 or 2 works great for me. I test it first on a trip with $100 lay and $24 each 6 and 8 and sometimes if it's smacking the 10, I'll switch to the X6 (2,3 in back). Much easier to do than avoiding big red.

Re: 7's can't hurt if you can avoid the 10 (or 4)

Posted: Wed May 18, 2022 1:16 pm
by 220Inside
Do you work on the come out?

There's a fairly steep recovery if you get a whack on the lay early in the session. Do you alter this at all for recovery, say to leave the lay up and squeeze out a couple more hits at $35/49 take a couple of bigger bites into the recovery before making the switch to $66 inside?

There are ways to improve on this by switching sets; 10 avoidance set for those first two hits, then switch to your best inside set.

Re: 7's can't hurt if you can avoid the 10 (or 4)

Posted: Wed May 18, 2022 4:11 pm
by mrmidi
I did say in my example that the come outs are working. As long as the hedge is up, I always keep them working. I very rarely get killed getting the 10 picked off, as long as It's my toss and I'm comfortable with the table. And yes, after 2 hits, its house $. Lay comes down and regress to $66 inside. So now I use my go-to inside set the 4/2, 2/4 and sometimes the 3V. If the 10 gets killed early, I don't replace it. I leave the place bets up and try to recoup as much as possible. I will do it all again after a 7 out and it's my turn again.
I like to play from 5am till 8am to try and get the dice back quickly when its quiet. Sometimes if I use a hard way set, I get a lot of 4/3 7's so I may use it to just keep the lay 10 up for the come out and turn the place bets off - but rarely.