Cinco de Mayo Craps Seminar - Las Vegas May 5 - 7 with Heavy & DarthNater

Yes, it's the "shameless self promotion" portion of the board! Heavy has been teaching casino games and dice control for casino craps for over ten years and is recognized as one of the best in the business. This is the place to come to learn more about his upcoming live seminars, his dice control seminar videos, books, and more.

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Cinco de Mayo Craps Seminar - Las Vegas May 5 - 7 with Heavy & DarthNater

Post by heavy » Mon Jan 30, 2023 6:23 pm

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Join Sres. Heavy y DarthNater en Las Vegas por el Cinco de Mayo

Okay, that's about as far as my high school Spanish will take me. There and to my favorite bar, Wet Wendy's in Cozumel where I can manage to order lunch and a few frozen drinks. But if you're not going to Mexico - mark this one down on the calendar and make your plans to join me, Sr. Heavy, when I load up the burro and head back to Las Vegas to join his amigo, Sr. DarthNater, for Cinco de Mayo and another exciting Axis Power Craps Weekend! It will be here before you know it – May 5th – 7th, so make those hotel and seminar reservations NOW.

If you’ve been struggling with BoneTracker, on Friday, the 5th we’ll be offering FOUR sessions to get you on track. The first session is a Basic class to teach you the ins and outs of BoneTracker’s essential functions; how to enter rolls, navigate the various screens and interpret the results. This class will take you through all of the information you need to know to be able to get started analyzing your own rolls in BoneTracker using the latest version of the new BoneTracker Extended software. But there will be only ONE session offered – Friday morning – so plan your travel appropriately.

The Advanced BoneTracking Sessions will build on your basic knowledge and provide you with a personal analysis of your own book of 560 - 720 rolls; while also taking a deep dive into your best dice sets for every number on the layout. We will offer up to THREE Advanced Classes on Friday, depending on enrollment.
Each of these sessions is limited to a maximum of just TWO players each - four students for the morning sessions and four students for the afternoon sessions. Schedules may be adjusted depending on the number of enrolled students. The cost of these sessions breaks down as follows:
Basic BoneTracking Class: $299
Advanced BoneTracking Class: $399
BEST DEAL! Take BOTH the Basic and Advanced Classes and pay just: $659

(Note again that the Basic class is the first class offered on Friday morning, so if you sign on for the Combined class you will be assigned to the first two sessions on Friday morning - keep this in mind when making travel arrangements).

Students signing up for the Advanced BoneTracking Class must submit a book of 560 - 720 rolls in BoneTracker format by February 21st to allow time for the coaches to complete their analysis of the rolls. No exceptions.
Due to the limited number of slots open, expect these slots to sell out quickly. Sign up early if you wish to lock in one of these slots. First paid – first served. Note that the BoneTracker slots are not available on the Axis Power Craps Golden Ticket option.

The preferred sign up method is direct with DarthNater via Zelle. Email Nate at for his Zelle address for registration via cash payment.

If you prefer to pay via Paypal you may sign on for the BoneTracker Sessions at the following links:
Basic BoneTracking Class: $299: ... 67NBLYKEZG

Advanced BoneTracking Class: $399: ... FWQNNWB8CU

BEST DEAL! BOTH Basic and Advanced BoneTracking Classes: $659: ... 2N3YST6CDN

The Axis Power Craps Dice Control Seminar – May 5th – 7th, 2023

Axis Power Craps Seminars are the acknowledge leaders in Dice Control training these days, offering more choices in training than any other outfit in the business. It’s no wonder we have so many repeat clients. It’s hard to beat a weekend with old friends and new, great libations and gambling, including some of the best craps players in the country.
On Friday night we’ll hold our traditional Meet and Greet Get-Together. We’ll hook up at a favorite cocktail lounge and knock back a few, renew old friendships and make new ones. Hungry? We know some local joints that serve great bar-food, but if you’re like most of the folks who attend these events, you’ll want to adjourn to the tables - alone or in teams – to warm up for the weekend. But don’t be out partying all night and don’t blow the bankroll before you’ve even stepped into the classroom, because Saturday morning Nate and I will have serious craps training on our minds.
Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s classes will take place at Nate’s secret location with the six-million-dollar view. Located high on a hill in Henderson, you’ll be overlooking the pool, the golf course, the lake, the Las Vegas valley including the Vegas skyline, with the snowcapped mountains in the distance. All this and one of the nicest craps practice tables you could dream of.

We’ll crank up the class promptly at 9AM each day, teaching the traditional on-axis toss on Saturday with the objective of getting you the best, most profitable toss ever. Sunday, when we get into advanced betting strategies, Heavy’s primary betting focus is on right-side play while Nate is a master of the Don’ts. Plus, you’ll learn the hybrid plays to address choppy tables and position you to strike when the table turns hot or cold, and how to transition from one side to the other on demand. Learn it all to become a complete player!

Our complete two-day seminar includes training on:
Table Positions – stick left isn’t the only spot in town!
Correct Dice Sets and how to get there quickly!
Correct Grip for you based on the physical shape of your hand.
Correct Toss for you – depending on your physical stature and ability.
Focus, Breath Control, and Landing Zone
Visualization and the Mental Edge
Right Side Betting Progressions, Money Management and Discipline
Basic Do ANDS Don’t Play
Advanced Hybrid Plays and Choppy Table Strategies
Power Pressing Individual Numbers and Pressing in Pairs
Getting Money On and OFF the Table
AND Live Casino Sessions with the Coaches

Save $150 by signing up for BOTH Saturday and Sunday’s classes together in the following links instead of signing up for them separately! The complete two-day seminar is priced as follows:
First time students: $1450

First time students can enroll for $1450 at the following PayPal link: ... WHTK2VNUS8

DD-214 Veteran First Time Students and GTC, Howard Rock ‘n Roller and Dice Coach Alums receive a $100 discount and can enroll for $1350 at the following PayPal link: ... PNX69A5ADJ

Axis Power Craps Alumni Students can enroll for the full weekend seminar for $1100 at the following PayPal link: ... EJZQ3UVAQG

Cash payments accepted via Zelle for those of you who prefer not to utilize PayPal. Contact heavy at to arrange payment transfers via Zelle or to make other payment arrangements.
If you wish to enroll for a single day of training, stand-alone classes are available at the following pricing:

First-time student tuition for students who have never attended a Dice Control Seminar in the past is $1200 for the full day Saturday PLUS all Live Casino Sessions on Sunday. New Students sign on via PayPal at the following link:
First Time Students $1200: ... S7Y4A8W5LL

DD214 Vets, Golden Touch Craps Alums, Howard Rock ‘n Roller Alums, and Dice Coach Alums – in recognition of the fact that you learned an on-axis type toss with these organizations we offer a $100 discount off our New Student tuition. Your tuition for the Full Day Saturday and all Live Casinos on Sunday is $1100. You can enroll at the following links:
Competitive Alums $1100: ... VCEW6BLYJC

Axis Power Craps Seminar Alums can sign on the full day Saturday for $750. If you have one of those $100 Black Chip discounts from a previous class, sign up on the following link and notify me via email that you have one of the APC Black Chips. I will rebate $100 to your PayPal account in exchange for that chip – reducing your net cost to $650 for the full day. Please return the chip on class day. Your tuition includes all Live Casino Sessions on Sunday. Alumni Students and Veterans enroll at the following links: Axis Power Craps Alums $750: ... QU92KRW7P4

Want to strengthen your game even more? On Sunday morning Heavy and DarthNater will be back at the dealer school with their Advanced Betting Strategy Seminar featuring Heavy’s favorite right side moves and DarthNater’s top Dark Side strategies. This is the same great content we’ve taught at our Darksider’s Ball classes and our highly acclaimed Right or Wrong Weekend Seminars. Remember, if you don’t learn to play the Don’ts, you’re guaranteed to lose around 50% of the time at craps. Learn to play the Dark side and pick your entry points correctly for transition plays; and you will increase your win rate dramatically. Learn to increase your profit on your right-side play and your bankroll will grow even more. That’s exactly what this Advanced Betting Session is all about. The cost?

First time students pay just $400. Sign on at the following link.
Sunday Stand-Alone Advanced Betting Strategy Session for First Time Students $400: ... VQXLGEJAKQ

Axis Power Craps Alums pay just $300. Sign on at the following link:
Sunday Stand-Alone Advanced Betting Strategy Session for APC Alum Students $300: ... Z6SSNJHH6C

Remember, Axis Power Craps is the oldest continuously operated dice control school in the business. DarthNater and I have known each other for almost 20 years and between us we’ve trained thousands of students – some who have themselves gone on to become some of the best dice controllers around. Our joint seminars in recent years are in the books as some of the best ever. Between my Right-Side approach to the game and DarthNater’s Dark Side approach - you can’t go wrong.

One thing for sure. Nate and I won't be hiding out at some hole-in-the-wall casino instead of getting out there and playing some of the hottest tables in town with out students. If there's action to be found, we want to be in the heart of it and we want you there with us. Don't miss this fun-filled weekend.

As always, your tuition covers the cost of the seminar itself and all hand-out material. Attendees are on their own for transportation, meals, and accommodations. Remember, these events are intended to be instructional – educational weekends. While many players walk away from these events winners – there is no guarantee that you will win at any casino session. It’s still gambling and you could lose. Don’t gamble with money you cannot afford to lose!
"Get in, get up, and get gone."
- Heavy

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Re: Cinco de Mayo Craps Seminar - Las Vegas May 5 - 7 with Heavy & DarthNater

Post by carlos » Thu Mar 23, 2023 5:49 pm

Are the tracker classes separate or included in the seminar price??

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Re: Cinco de Mayo Craps Seminar - Las Vegas May 5 - 7 with Heavy & DarthNater

Post by heavy » Thu Mar 23, 2023 10:12 pm

The BoneTracker Sessions are separate from the weekend seminar. Nate runs those on Friday. While I'll be in town on Friday and MIGHT show up and sit in on them, they are his baby. The seminar is priced separately.
"Get in, get up, and get gone."
- Heavy

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